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Dec 4, 2013
Whats up guys. This my first post here. I am not new to forums, just new to this. Im not completely familiar with the layout yet so forgive me if this is the wrong area for this post. Heres my thing, I am 19 and have been a "Honda guy" since I was 15. Not the annoying ricers, just a basic bolt on and suspension set up for cruising. Now Im wanting to move up in the world. I have my Civic SI for sale now. I Obviously want the "new" 5.0! But not sure If I can afford the Insurance. (Perfect Driving record, 0 accidents, 0 tickets.) Getting a quote this week, I would be getting a 2011. My question is how do the 5.0's compare to the 05-10 for daily driving? I do not race or go to tracks. I hit 0-60 occasionally.

I have raced the 05-10 mustangs and I can run with them all day. winner comes down to the driver typically. But how much of a difference is their in power. I know it is 315 hp vs 400 hp (Rough Guess) but is it extremely noticeable for daily driving? Honda's never have a comparison of 85 hp difference haha.
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Thanks for that info! Im new to mustangs so I figured I would ask the gurus. This is probably stupid but what is the sound difference? I know the 5.0 sound like a beast. That why I wanted the 5.0 for the sound and the redesigned rear end. (I realize that was in 2010 but 2011 has both the 5.0 and the rear end.)
I'm a big fan of the 2010. I've been in the car business since the late 80's so I could have gotten what I wanted. I chose the 2010 because I love the sound of the 4.6. It's a lot deeper than the 5-oh. Keep in mind that the 325 lb-ft torque rating on the 4.6 was taken using regular gas... Premium takes it to 335, at least that's what I've read. I worked at Ford for over 3 years. Add an SCT tuner and gain 30 lb-ft. Nothing to sneeze at. Here's the deal; Ford sold a lot of 2010's and there are many for sale. With them being the only new body with that engine, and most are after the 5-oh, you can almost make your price. To each his own, but I'm totally happy with my 15k mile fo-six.