Fitting a Milodon 8-qt oil pan


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Mar 7, 2002
I've been asked before what it takes to fit the Milodon 8-qt oil pan into a II. The answer, surprisingly, isn't much.

The first thing you need to do is ensure you're running a low-profile intake manifold and air cleaner, unless you want to cut the hood.

Then you will need to replace the stock starter with the compact design from the 1993-1995 Mustang 5.0 (or 3.8, they used the same starter).

You may or may not need a Dorman starter shim for Ford starters (I did).

You will need longer bolts that go through the motor mounts and into the block, as well as either a 3/4" thick stack of washers or 3/4" spacers for each bolt between the mount and the block.

That's it. It'll clear a power or manual rack with all of that done.

This may have a negative effect on your u-joint geometry, and your experience may vary.
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