Fluid leaking from the rear...


Apr 15, 2004
Fairfield, PA
Just noticed a tiny pool under my rearend tha other day... I'm gonna go out there and try to tighten the bolts up if I can. I'm not sure how new (or old) the seal is because I'm not sure when the 4.10 gears were put in my car. (Bought it with them in it) Is it tough to change that if it's shot?
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nope... if you don't mind the smell of the fuild that will splash all over the place.

Just unbolt the cover. Scrape off any excess gasket material and the apply some RTV. Let it set up then reattach and poof... no more leaky rear end.

30minute job tops.

There be a plug on the drivers side front (a little higher than the pinion) of the diff. Take a 3/8" socket wrench (w/o a socket) and you can remove the plug. You'll need about 2 bottles of gear lube to fill it back up. I usually just stick a flexible funnel in the hole and pour away (slowly). It'll be full once the new fluid starts coming out of the fill hole. Then just stick the plug back in and your all done.
cjman15 said:
I'm not sure. It looks to be coming from the bottom of the pumpkin, right where the girdle attaches. Not sure what the pinion seal is.
Gotcha. I like to clean stuff up and then watch it to find the source of the leak.

The pinion seal is toward the front of the car - where the driveshaft attaches to the pumpkin. Just toward the rear (where the pinion goes into the pumpkin) is where the seal is. it will tend to allow fluid to drip off the bottom of the pumpkin or even off the flange (depends upon how the car is parked).

good luck.