Forged Internals Stock 4.6l?

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I am pretty sure the 96-01 Cobras had forged cranks. Everything else is powdered metal.

I have no idea about that, cause I just dont know...

But, I beleive 5 speed Mach 1's have a forged crank, autos cast. So possibly the other DOHC 4.6's were regular cast cranks...:shrug:

Simply put though, no. If anything is forged its just certain 4v 4.6's crankshaft. The ones running forced induction on here and the ones that really know there stuff say 400rwhp is the edge of the safe limit on a stock internal 4.6 2v, I beleive its around the same for 4v's (non 03/04 Cobra).
Cool deal, I was getting my stuff mixed up then.

That sounds right now though, cause using a Cobra crank is a pretty popular choice for some people when building a bottom end.