fox body style difference 79-86 87-93


Jan 20, 2008
besides the front end and quarter windows is there any differences?i just bought a 85 notchback 4cylinder. im swaping everything from my 89 notch. i do think the flare on the rear wheels is slightly bigger but i havent picked it up yet. any other differences?im doing a complete swap interior and all. any suprises u think im going to run into let me know.
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Weeeeeell, get ready to be flamed for converting a 4 eye over to an aero nose. I'm not even gonna bother flaming's your car :rolleyes:

However, there isn't any difference in the rear wheel flair. Also it would be '79-82/'83-86/'87-93 as far as major styling differences go. Body wise the main difference aside from the obvious bumper and side trim and quarter glass is the size (width) of the cowl panel grill. On '79-82 cars they're a couple inches narrower so when you put on an '87+ hood, the natural "cowl" of the hood will not match the cowl grill. Another change was when Pony rims came out ('90 or 91) they made the front fender/wheel openings bigger and this resulted in smaller fender extensions on GT cars. The trim on the doors at the bottom of the window is totally different as are the side view mirrors.
im not here tring to offend anyone i just bought a new front end for my 89 and when i put it on i found out its twisted and i just put my black interior ini dont wanna lose all that money and i found the 84 notch for free so its getting a facelift
It's just that (especially being a coupe) people tend to be real loyal to the older cars and really like to see them kept in their original styling. But, ultimately who really cares as long as you're happy. It beats the car going to the crusher. Personally i would say sell the new stuff and fix up it up the way it is, but i'm a big fan of the '79-86 style so i'm probably biased.
While I respect the 4-eyes look.....swapping the interior to a Fox3 (Or SN95, if you're so ambitious) makes a WORLD of difference. I hate (what I like to call) 80's Dash Syndrome or EDS. :p

Since you're going to do away w/ EDS, you've created an interior environment that is pleasant and inviting. Nothing wrong w/ that.

As far as the nose, a mustang is a mustang. :nice:
You're going to run into problems with the interior swap. The dashboard mounting points are all in different places, the emergency brake is in the center of the transmission hump instead of off to the side and there's many other variables that will make your job a lot harder. Most people give up on projects like these because they don't realize that they're in over their heads until they're knee deep into it.
ive got everything figured out but the parking brake, i actually have not gotten that far, is there a way to move it twoards the pass side or should I just live with out he P brake :shrug:
Wait.... what?

Please tell me you're not talking aboot your black Notch. :eek:

nooo im building the 81 t top notch and I have 88 t top hatch thats 90% rust but had a good motor/tranny that I used and now im using parts from it to build up the project, then Ill scrap the car, if anyone needs 87-88 t tops let me know