Favorite Fox Bodystyle

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So is it the journey to make it drive (in your case) or the drive that makes it a journey(in my case)?
All I know is that the journeys to make it drive keep getting longer, and the drive that makes it a journey never happens.
There is a shortcut:

Boom, in a Journey, on a Journey (listening to Journey?) and having no fun.
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Back to the topic of the post...

1) 85-86 GT Hatch. I fell in love with the Dark Grey Metallic Hatch shown in the Ford brochure.


I would want it as stock appearing as possible, maybe lowered 1".

2) 93 Cobra/Cobra R

3) 87-93 GT Hatch. Its what I have now.

4) 79 Pace Car Edition. Just love the look of the colour scheme, the black Recaro's

As far as not stock, unattainable Foxes...

1979_Ford_Mustang_IMSA_Concept_05.jpg 1979_Ford_Mustang_IMSA_Concept_02.jpg
1979 IMSA Concept Mustang... Have always been fascinated with that shaker hood scoop. I will come up with one that fits, looks good and is functional.
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The notch was always my favorite. I bought my GT 3-4 years ago because it was unmolested, rust free, couple owner car and now it’s probably my favorite body style now that I’ve had it a while. It grew on me over the years.
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Well, my favorite per se is not a Mustang although it looks somewhat like one. When I went shopping for a new car I looked at the 82 Mustang GT and didn't like the front end. Looked at a Supra and was $5000 more than the Capri RS. Loved the hood scoop, bubble fenders and with the 5.0 HO SROD 4 speed, it was a no-brainer.

A friend had brought over two CHP Mustangs (82) at that time which had the hood scoop but not GT front end. He was transporting them from Sac to LA.
That nose is pretty nice actually. I guess it’s just that checkerboard grill I’m not a fan of.
You can get a similar look on an 85/86 with the Saleen air dam. Those, however, are tougher to find. If you ever come across one on accident, snatch it up.



To everybody else: I'm awful sorry for the pronz I just posted. :coff:
There were two options I didn't go with and that's electric windows and those awful TRX wheels. A few months later I replaced the steel wheels with Western Mesh wheels that are on it today... 39 years going. I've been eyeing those Mesh wheels at LMS since they fit my 4 lugs. I love the RS and never going to replace it!

I've seen this one some time ago with the Saleen graphics!

Capri RS 2.jpg
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Hehe... I use that same air dam. It's a re-shaped 90's era Bronco air dam.

If I remember right, the shipping cost more than the air dam.

It provides instant and noticeable improvements to the front end at high speed --and-- hugely increases the amount of air that gets forced through the radiator even at low speed.
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