Fox Quarter Window studs


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Sep 15, 2020
I’m in the process of restoring some quarter windows and trying to figure out what I put on the studs prior to install. After removal, it looked like there was a rubber type gasket around each of the 9 quarter window studs but they are all broken down and need replacing prior to install. I’ll be using 3M butyl tape around the perimeter but can’t seem to find anything anywhere on what to do with the studs.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I think then it comes to quarter windows, the condition really sets the price.

A lot of these things are junk, and $50/pair might be appropriate. Given that NOS windows go for $1K+, that means that a really clean set of used ones with good rubber might fetch a sort of "in-between" price.

Keep in mind, the repop, no logo windows that LMR sells are $400. Someone willing to spend that sort of cash for them might consider buying a really clear set of used ones for the same price. I know I would.

Edit: after looking at ebay it seems junk Windows still sell for good money. I was a bit off.
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Ugh, about 5 yrs ago I walked out to my car to find my quarter window shattered, someone hit it with something. The window is still intact and there but it's just shattered in place. I've been looking for one ever since and they are PRICEY. I don't like how the LMR one's have no logo.

This one is near perfect, I have others that are less perfect. PM me.