SOLD Fs: Chrome 04 Oem Cobra Rims With Tires - $700

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Jul 3, 2013

Located in Knoxville, TN. Will ship at buyer's expense, or drive a bit for pickup. Please contact me for a shipping quote. It looks like it will cost between $100 and $200, depending upon where they are going.

I bought these from the original owner in 2006 with 12k miles on them. Since then, they have been driven for about 20k more miles. I've always taken them off and stored them in the garage half the year, so they have never been exposed to salt.

Very good condition. Please see the pictures here:

Here is what I tried to capture in the photos:

The tires have more life left in them (see pics showing the tread). They hold air pressure well; I've never noticed any leaks.

There is only 1 small instance of curb rash.

One of the spokes has a dull-looking area on it. It is hard to see, and unnoticeable unless you are < 1 foot away and looking for it (again see pictures).

Finally, I noticed there are a couple chips on the inside of the rim (see pics.) I applied a sealant on them to prevent further chipping.
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Not open for further replies.