For Sale Connecticut Mustang GT Parts For Sale


Feb 21, 2013
Parts were for s 2001 Mustang GT which might fit 94 to 98 Mustangs too or other projects you might be working on. Making room in my garage getting these things off my shelves which have been there for years. My Mustang is garage kept too with little road time. Please read up on what you're buying and if it will fit your project. Pm me if interested in parts.

Will even consider even trades or trades plus cash either my side or yours. Only trades I'm looking for right now is - GT40 3 bar heads in good condition. Bassani y-pipe with cat for 1993 F150 302. I have sn F150 project I'm doing.

All parts located in Connecticut. Everything in the pictures is for sale. If there is something there you want and you don't see it listed send me an p/m. Its for sale!
Everything is priced without shipping.

I have a complete 2001 Mustang GT front brake set up just sitting in my garage for years. This is off the 2001 Mustang GT and has the OEM front disk rotors, calipers and break lines. Looking at maybe 15K miles on them. $300.00 . If you need the rear disks too, I'll throw them in as well. The rears probably round 35K miles on them.

C&L 80mm MAF with sensor off my 4.6 SOHC $65.00

Billet Flow supercharger pully puller - SOLD

2001 OEM SOHC heads, complete - SOLD

Unused New in original box, box is less for wear, Ford Racing 2 1/16 Mechanical Fuel Pressure Gauge 0-100psi - $100.00

Unused New with box Autometer single gauge pod 2 1/16 For Mustang GT - $25.00

01 to 04 Mustang Side scoops with GT inserts, black $75.00

Canton Ice Box, black, with drain. Never used. $100.00

Borla cat-back, used low miles - SOLD

Steeda Double Hook Quadrant with Steeda logo. Never used. - $25.00

LOCKED SCT stunner $50.00

99 to 04 Mustang GT Front grill in great shape. Pulled within 10k miles of me owning my vehicle. Never saw winter $100.00

99 to 04 Mustang GT Steering wheel in great condition. This was removed in 2002 or 3 and sat in my garage $175.00

Steeda comfort pro off-set shifter handle 555-7154. This is not the Tri-ax much robust tubular design and better then the Tri Ax which this brings the handle closer to the person. I these were discontinued many years ago. $100.00

99 to 04 GT custom stainless steel reservoir for supercharger. Never used. Very well made, great welding, this is one of a kind which will fit under a cowl induction hood for the Mustang GT. Can be polished to high shine with work. $400.00

Tokico rear shocks maybe 1000 miles on them $100.00

Lakewood 90/10 drag struts never used. Only took out of the box to get a picture other box unopened. $200.00

Everything sold as is, so be sure you know what you're buying and that it will fit your project. So no returns if it doesn't. I will send separate pics of interested item/s if requested. If something is not pictured but listed and you're interested let me know it was a long day today.
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Pictures of the steering wheel. Finger groves still present and feel solid. Yep need to dust my Mustang I see lol.


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The heads I'm looking for must be 3 bar and either be complete or bare seeing I'll be replacing the springs, valves, etc nyways. Just as long as the heads are not warped or cracked, fix welded, or need removal of broken studs I'll be open for trade.