Fuel pump or regulator problem ??


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Dec 19, 2006
Ok here we go LOL.
Car is running decent. (specs in sig)
Only problem a little lean on top end.
So, I checked the fuel pressure, no vac pressure says 39 psi.
It has a BBK adjustable FPR, I tried to turn it up, it turned very little and got stiff.
Pressure at 40psi. It will not go higher.
I plugged the vac back in, I bumped the throttle and it dropped to 33.
I stabbed it a little harder and it dropped to around 25psi.
Is this the sign of a bad pump? Bad regulator?
It is supposed to be a 255 pump BUT I can't verify this.
It is loud! It also runs all the time, it never shuts down.
If the car is running it is running.

Thanks, KO
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"How long does it take to get help in here?
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Nov 29, 1999
I agree that it can be either, however the issue with raising the FP would make me wonder about the FPR. Do you have a stocker to toss on (since this one won't go higher than the stock setting anyhow)?

Good luck.