Full Lengths Vs Shorties


Satanic Mechanic
Nov 30, 2003
In Torment, In Hell
Alright, help a newbie out here! :stick:

How are full lengths better performance wise (horsepower\torque) gains than shorties? are they even better? which of the two sound better (better defined as loud, powerfull, aggressive)? are there any classic problems with either of the two that makes them less desirable? i heard equal length shorties are the definition of "painful installation". I'll prolly have the headers installed professionally, so painful installation (hopefully) should be at a minimum.

I'm trying to decide what to put on my 02 gt stang! thx!! :worship:
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The power difference between the two isn't even noticeable. And yes the equal length shorties are a MUCH bigger pain in the butt to install. The sound really isn't that different either. If it was me I would just get the unequal shorties.
the difference in the two is not really noticeable at all by the average driver. i would go ahead and get un-equal length b/c cost, and install difficulty. but if ur getting pro. installed, pay the couple bucks more for the equal lengths. they will deliver a little more low/mid range power.

From what i've heard shorties really don't even help that much unless you have some sort of forced induction...maybe 5-10 rwhp. Long tubes can have a nice power increase and I have heard the two and long tubes have a MUCH meaner sound. I am getting long tubes soon and can't wait! Long tubes all the way! :nice: