Gauge issues


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May 28, 2005
I am prolly stupid but...I changed out my gauge face so it would be white instead of black but when I reattached all the needles, I put them all at zero as the car was off, they all seem to be reading wrong now. Is there a way to rest these, or do I need to admit failure and take it to a ford dealer? Thanks.
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There is a way to get the odometer to give you readouts that you can use to reset misaligned needles.Sorry I don't know the procedure but i've read about it and it's pretty straightforward.
You really need to have taken a picture or a drawing of where the needles are when the car is off and running to get them in the right place. ;)

The rpm at idle on a warm car should be about 800rpm, to set the speedo, start the car and place the needle at zero. Oil pressure should be straight up with the engine running and the same with the charging guage. Fill your tank to set your fuel gauge with the car running, and with the car at full operating temp the needle should be straight up.

This is assuming that the car has no oil pressure issues, it doesn't over heat, the charging system is well, and the engine idles at the rpm.

Just reinstall the gauges without the cover to set them with the car running.