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Jun 21, 2004
Ok i just got my ford racing ring and pinion 3.73 gears, didn't go with 4.10's because it was to much for me when i was watching the daily driving video so i think i will like my 3.73's anyways i need to kno i good shop around ann arbor MI. i got quoted at ford for 489 give or take a little they said. I feel that may be a little much. So if anyone knows of a good shop that is cheaper let me kno. thanks
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Yea, taht is a killer deal i don't think i could find anything close to that around here. The only other shop i know of is the guy that did my exhaust said he would do it for 350, i mean is it easy to mess up if oyu don't messure backlash properly and stuff, cause thats the best deal just i don;t want them to mess up the install and totally f things up.