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Dec 3, 2005
Winterville, NC
This is my first post in this forum and Ive got a couple of questions about building a 5.0L motor. This will be my first complete motor i plan to build. Ive got a friend with alot of connections to where i can get all the machine work done(no labor:D ). My plan is to build a forged bottem small block ford with around 8-8.25:1 comp. because I am going w/ a HP performance stage 2 turbo kit (T-66). Right now im looking around at my options for a block and I am leaning towards the DSS level 20 block and running Scat H-beam 4340 con. rods(ARP 8740 bolts)/ Scat 4340 light weight crank (3.0" stroke)/ JE SRP 4.030 forged -14.5cc dish pistons. i dont know each actually how high i can turn this shortblock. a stock 5.0 HO ive seen their rev limiters set at 6300RPM so ill need more RPM potential especially spooling up at 66mm turbo like i plan on. also am i correct this will hold up alot better than running a 331 mainly b/c its less mass spinning? also with that low of compression I am deffinitely gonna need the extra RPM to spool that turbo. This is gonna be a weekend warrior and a long term project and i wanna get my short block good and set in before i start picking and choosing for my heads (liking the AFR 205s w/ 80cc exhuast ports)/E303 (since with a turbo motor i will not need a big cam)/1.7 rockers/ ProbeCHP spyder II intake manifold. I am buying a 92' 4cyl 5spd coupe and plan on just getting the chassis squared away, swapping in a used 5.0 HO motor in and run that with some gas on it while i build my good motor for the turbo set up. Any opinions/sugggestions/comments will be much appreciated.
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