getting ready to get this thing together


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Jul 2, 2006
finally got the suspension stuff all ready to go so maybe can get this on the road soon got the springs powder coated they are scott drake 620s had really bad paint on them. every thing else is powder coated other than ball joints used silver por15 on them. welded steel plates then bodyworked them in on the shock towers to clean them up.scraped all the seam sealer at the pinch weld at firewall then welded in 3/8 brake line for a cleaner look. seeing it come together is a great motivator


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Very nice!

Is that a original style AC Compressor with a custom matching cover?

I gotta ask...why not a polished or chrome Sanden unit?
yup its the compressor that was on the six when we got it . i believe we bought the cover from california mustangs kept it red so it would keep with the painted and finned theme. also its the one i had and paint is cheap