97 Cobra RestoTouRod


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Jun 12, 2005
I've been working on this thing for almost three years now so I figured maybe its time to share with you guys. Yesterday she made an admittedly unimpressive 320rwhp on the dyno but it was my target so that's a win for me. She's a 97 SVT Cobra crystal white, neglected, abused, repainted badly, and I got her as a rolling chassis and the drivetrain in a million pieces. Its basically a 99 cobra in a sn95 skin at this point.

She's still under construction but the running, driving, looking like a whole car milestone has been hit. Short story: everything you see (and don't see) is either new, rebuilt, or refinished.

Paint: Avalanche Grey single stage PPG. sanded down to bare metal complete color change from head to toe. POR15 coated interior
Body: too many mods to list https://www.thedouglasjones.com/cobra-restomod/the-work-body/
Engine: Teksid block, ARP everything bottom end, Boss302 rods, flat top pistons, C heads/cams, mach 1 intake plenum, JLT intake, JBA headers, custom sidepipe exhaust
Cooling: highly modified MMR cooling kit so you can fill it up with coolant without any special tools or drama. functional hood vents.
Drivetrain: ford racing clutch, aluminum driveshaft, 4.10 gears, completely rebuild and reinforced subframe for 99 cobra IRS
Suspension: every IRS part in the Maximum Motorsports catalog. Delrin bushings for all control arms, poly for the rest, bc racing coilovers, MM k member and control arms. 03 cobra staggard reps.
Electrical: lots of stuff relocated and deleted. Braille 21 battery
Emissions: LOL
Brakes: stock calipers refinished with some powerstop rotors, pads, and stainless braided lines.
Chassis: through the floor subframe connectors, seam welded engine bay and fenders/firewall in strategic locations
Interior: new carpet, seats, seatbelts, momo prototipo steering wheel, relocated door switches to center console.

I have some paint stuff to fix and the interior is the current situation getting sorted. The plan is either speedhut or a full digital cluster, custom console, simplify the door panels, and just make it a nice place to be.

Oh and the sideskirts aren't going back on, the hood was chosen on purpose, and so was the front bumper.


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well she runs great so now im just taming the beast. Finally built the sidepipes (I had some turndowns right at the pinch weld for a while). The rest of the exhaust is mild steel while these bits are stainless. I got a couple magnaflow straight through mufflers on the way to bring down the resonance a bit as well.




I moved all the window and lock controls to the center console and the mirror control now sits in the dash.



the switch harness uses deutsch connectors to make it easily removable
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Bravo man, that is a ton of work. I really dig the color choice. I'm just starting on a 2000 now. It wont be as in depth as your build, but basically anything outside of the long block that can be replaced or rebuilt is in process now.
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Thanks man. It has been a lot of work. I'm doing the interior now. At some point I want to have it professionally reupholstered but for now its just getting some duplicolor black so i can start really enjoying the car. I scored some GTS door panels the other day I'm refinishing and reinforcing.


stereo finally installed, too.
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interior is pretty well sorted. rear seat delete is left then its more shakedown drives to work any bugs out.





here's how i did the door window and lock wiring.

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its the largest braille they make so if you get in a pinch however you decide to mount it should be able to take something else. I built the frame for it to be very specific. hopefully it lasts a long time :D