going from manual 2 auto


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Feb 1, 2007
ok well i'm having problems with my tranny as of right now with the clutch going out and the synchros going out in 3rd gear...i am thinking about going with a built auto tranny with a stall but i need to know what all i'll need to get...any enlightenment on what kind of tranny i should go with would be appreciated and all the parts needed to make this transition from a manual to auto would be gladly accepted...i was looking into a built MMR pro trans 900 5 spd but i want to be a fast consistent track car so i thought an auto would be the way to go...which way would be more expensive? built auto or the new mmr pro trans 900 for 2200.00???
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Aug 30, 2005
if i were wanting to build a consistent track car i would go with an auto hands down. personally i love my 5 speed and wouldnt give it up, but then again my car is a toy/street car and not a track car.


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May 20, 2006
UCSD/La Jolla
$2200 is hard to beat. Just a good stall TC is $650/700+, then hardened parts/shift kit/valve body work is another $800-950 in parts. Auto wont be as fun, i'd only do it if you're having problems at the track being constant and you rear end can handle the traction needed for a 3800+ stall.