Going to the track tomorrow night, any guesses on what I'll run with the newest mods


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Well, it's that time of year in New England. The snow is gone and the track is open. I will be going tomorrow night to see if the new stuff helped. Here is the back story:

I went 12.72 @108.26 with the following:

SCT Tuner tuned by Jeremy @ UPR Products
Kooks long tubes with high flow cats
4.10 gears
BFG Drag Radials

I just added the following:

Fuddle Racing 3,000 Stall Convertor
Spydershaft Alum. Driveshaft
BMR Upper and Lower Control Arms

I will be running BFG Drag Radials. What do you think it will run now ? I will post Results Wed. Night when I get home. I'm just hoping I can hook up.
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If your 60' drops to the 1.67-1.70 range with the converter, DS, and control arms and you pick up the 3 tenths that I've heard so many times that the spyder shaft is good for, I'd say you have a solid chance of knocking off between 6-8 tenths.
I am running 12.4 without a stall, you should be lower than that.
I have the following Mods

2005 Mustang GT
Stock 5R55S Automatic Trans
FRPP 4.10 Gears
Steeda Charge Motion Deletes
Steeda UDP
JBA Long Tube Headers
JBA Catted H-Pipe
Spyder Aluminum DS
275/40 17 BFG Drag Radials on Stock Rims