Got the FRPP HR cams in

As soon as I get my scanner up again, I'll post the dyno sheet. But she made 335 rwhp @ 5100 and 345 lbft @ 4100, up from 310 rwhp and 329 lbft on the last dyno @ Mustangweek of '08.

My tuner actually found 10 rwhp and 10 lbft from my previous tune as the baseline before the install was 320 rwhp and 339 lbft.

Car feels amazing as I could already feel the power increase. Just need some new tires to complement it all! Plus it's that time for some new ones.
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Walter, I drive about 50 miles round trip to work everyday on backroads and I usually average around 17.5-18mpg. I rarely rev above 3k rpms and my average speed is proabaly around 45-50mph. Last week I had a best of 20.5 mpg but that was because I did a little bit of interstate driving also. However, if I get it on it a lot I have seen as little as 15 mpg, but the lope and top end power is well worth a couple mpg's!
Ok, I got the video clip up Monday. Sadly, I was rear-ended on Friday (4 car chain reaction and I was at the front, stopped and so were the people behind me) and fortunately the damage was minimal.... not sure how $500 is minimal but you won't see anything in the video clip. Bumper cover needs to be fixed and repainted and stripes re-applied.

Anyways, as far as the fuel economy goes, I already noticed a drop and it wasn't because I was higher in the rpms. I was averaging 20 mpg give or take before them. Now, it's a solid 18 mpg. Granted I've only gone through one tank of gas so far so I don't know how a few tanks might change that. Additionally, I don't drive it everyday anymore, so my driving habits when I do drive it reflect that. So take it for what it's worth.

YouTube - Hot Rod Cams
For the first MANY sounded like my car. Which is to say, not that loud or lumpy.

After about halfway through it started to get lumpy, but barely.

I'm disappointed, honestly. The clip of the Brenspeed cams sound soooooo good. Here's that clip (in case it hasn't been posted.)

YouTube - Brenspeed sneak peak Its New Lopey Custom Cam 3V S197 Mustang

I'm gonna prolly get those...when I can...who knows. :shrug: