Greetings From Oregon

Triple R

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Oct 22, 2013
I'm guessing like most forums an intro thread is in order. I will admit I don't have a Mustang yet, but looking and have questions.

I'm somewhat a car guy, and have owned many makes and types and work on them when I have time. If anyone is on Tundratalk, I'm around there a lot as Slate CrewMax.

My absolute favorite Mustang would be the '70 Mach 1, but am looking at a considerably newer one currently. I'll mention it here, so any input is appreciated.

It's a '95 with the 3.8 and 5 speed, 140k miles. I think I could pick it up for $1100-1200. But it does need some work. Body and interior are decent, but he says it needs a water pump which he has, a head gasket and clutch. But it runs and drives. Sound like too much work for the money?
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Thanks for the input. I have a teenage daughter that wants it, she is currently driving an S10 Blazer. I've done a fair amount of car repairs over the years, just no head gaskets yet. The guy has had it listed for about a month, so maybe I'll wait and see if he drops the price a little more.