Suspension Groan Not Squeek From Front End

Gentlemen, basic stock 2002 gt suspension that just started to groan really loud when turning. Replaced rack bushings with urethane about 9 months ago, but rest is stock with about 150K miles. Notice outer tie rod end boots were chewed up when rotating tires and need to replace them.

Nearly all post talk about squeaking, this is a loud groan like an old wooden sailing ship. Can't find anything loose, but I'm no expert in the suspension area.

Any ideas where to start?

Thanks Lonestar1
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Front (lower) ball joints will groan. As I recall, mine made the most noise when turning, but also made noise going up the curb into the driveway. Might as well do the out tie rods at the same time.
I agree. Ball joints. I just had the same symptoms a few months ago and that fixed it. Just rent a ball joint press from autozone. Also, use a hand torch to heat ball joint shaft and spindle will come off much easier.