Hard Start Fix


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Jan 29, 2004
Well, at least for me.

I found a fix to my hard starting issue, which progressively got worse. It reared it's head after a 60K tune up (I did the fuel filter, spark plugs and coolant) back in July/Aug timeframe. A month or so later I started noticing hard starting issues, 5 cranks or so. Got the battery checked, and I believe the Alt as well, at AutoZone. Everything seemed good and I had replaced my battery a few monts prior to that. Next I checked my fuel filter to make sure I installed it properly.....good to go on that. I cleaned my IAC, but it had been replaced about 6months prior....no difference. After searching on here, it seemed common, so I just left it go.

Fast Forward 6months into Feb and now it's gotten worse. It got to the point of taking 15sec or so of cranking to start, and then it would sputter to life. Once running, it would run great. I assumed the fuel pump was going cuz after activating the secondary pump prior to startup it seemed to only take 5 or so cranks.....much better than 15 seconds worth.

Well I go and buy a fuel pressure check gauge and some new plugs (again) , only this time I got the AutoLite platinums. I had previously put the Bosch Platinums in there. After I pulled the first plug, I could tell it was running hot with all the white residue. Replaced all with the AutoLites and now she fires right up!! I know, a lot of you guys probably don't run the Bosch, and I was stupid for getting them in the first place, but hopefully it'll help someone diagnose their ride. I now have 94K on my 2000GT and it runs like new!
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