Has anyone made any custom bracket for their LM 1 wideband unit?

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New Member
Jul 19, 2005
Anaheim, CA
id like to know too. i made a custom mount for my pms. my lm-1 "custom mount" is an old case for my glasses that i put in the space between the passanger seat and parking brake. the case is slightly taller so when i lay my lm-1 on the parking brake it is slightly aimed in my direction:nice:
here it is
but seriously tho, i used a coat hanger to mount my pms
the hanger hooks onto the dash and i just bent it to hold the pms. it sounds extremely ghetto but it looks good and works. id imagine you can do the same thing for the lm-1. ill have to try it tomorrow. i have my narrow band o2 gauge reading off the accesory output of the lm-1 so i dont even need to look at my lm-1 anymore. i just glance over at the gauge on my a-piller since it reads exactly the same as the lm-1 does, just has a needle instead of a digital number