Header/Mid-pipe ??


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Jun 21, 2007
College Station,TX
In the past Ive said that I wanted mid length headers...JBA or Bassani.But they dont make a catted Hpipe,and I really dont want an X and dont want off road.So its either o/r X from bassani or jba,but I thought about custom mid pipe.I was looking a Pypes web site and the have an o/r H for pretty cheap and then the sell short high flow cats.Does anyone think it would be difficult or too pricey to have those made to fit say the JBA mid lengths?The jba catted X i believe is about $400+,so this route wouldnt be quiet as much.Just need some opinons,Ive been hearing good things about pypes elsewhere lately.Both cats would be $218 and the o/r h is $115.The local shop here does good custom exhaust work and he is fairly cheap.Or is there something Im missing here that would cause probs.

http://www.pysales.com/iwwida.pvx?;item?item_no=CVM10K 1?comp=ppe

H pipe
http://www.pysales.com/iwwida.pvx?;item?item_no=HFM53 1?comp=ppe
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