Header Studs


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Dec 29, 2002
Oceanside, CA
Nuts keep coming loose and falling off of my Header studs. Anyone else have this problem? When I put my x-pipe on originally I found one nut was missing from the stud on the passenger side and the gasket was broken.
I replaced the gasget and the nut, but today I noticed I had a really bad exhaust leak, got under the car and found that 2 nuts were missing and one other very loose.

Can the studs be replaced?
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When putting on my prochamber I replaced my studs on the drivers side with the stud kit from napa. Part number 600-1819. They come with nuts also. The difference with these studs are that the non threaded area in the center of the stud is a lot smaller. This helps the sealing issue. I heard people saying that the nuts from napa are better than the stock ones. To remove the stock studs people usually use the dubble nut method but it might not work using the stock nuts. There is a special tool to remove them. What I found to be a really easy way was to use a really big adjustable wrench. The end of the stud is rectangular and this is where I tuned it from. Now to thread the napa studs on you are going to have to use the dubble nut method.

Someone said not to use threadlock unless you are not going to swap out you exhaust again. Well I hope this helps.