Header wrap?

I'm looking for ways to cut down on the heat from the engine making it hot inside my car. I've already upgraded the floor insulation, but I was thinking about header wrap. I found some black wrap that wouldn't look as bad as the shiny stuff. But would the header tubes get too hot? and would moisture get trapped inside the wrap to cause rust? What do you suggest?
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i've had the same header wrap on my headers for three years! All i did was get them ceramic coated and then wrapped them up! theres a HUGE cut down on the heat. I took the wrapping off two times to rewrap them because the wrap loosend up and there wasn't a spec of rust anywhere! so i think its great!
Header companies will tell you that it voids their warranty and/or promotes cracking. I put a Hedman header on a '91 Civic a few years ago and wrapped it with Thermo Tec to keep the A/C hoses from burning. The paint burned off, but they didnt rust nor crack in two years of driving. Still got bloody hot in the bay, though.