Headlight switch, unique issue

I've searched and read through all six pages of posts regarding the headlight switch and I can't find one replicating my issue. Had my lights on for work and when I went to turn them off it only turned off the headlights before getting stuck. So now the parking lights are stuck on and I can't for the life of me get that switch to turn off that last click. Since it's pushed in that little bit I can't get anything on that tab in there. I've pulled pretty hard and it the switch doesn't come out. It's pretty loose and obviously messed up now more than before so a new one will be in order. Should I just pull on it with all I've got and rip it out? Or iwll that damage something since it's in an on position? Any insight would be appreciated. Had to pull the battery cable off for the day while at work. Thanks.
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Since the switch is already broke, force the switch into the off position. There may be just something stuck in between where the switch closes fully, like a broken piece of plastic. You may have to turn switch to headlamp position to dislodge whatever is stuck in there. If you still can't see anything stuck in place, try turning it into headamp position and back several times, or try tapping the switch while its in headamp position perhaps knocking whatever is stuck in there.. out. If that wont fix it, the switch pin itself may be jammed. In that case, just do what I mentioned first. Do not try and pull the whole switch out without first pushing on the plastic tabs behind them. You'll break the tabs and then you wont be able to snuggly fit another switch in.