Hedman Hedder Question


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Sep 16, 2006
Ft. Worth, Texas
Hey guys, after searching for Hedman threads I really didnt see what I was looking for. I am looking at buying a set of Hedman Hedders part number 88300. These are just the plain jane painted header but at $135 from JEGS you almost cant beat that. I am on a tight budget now with the wife being pregnant so I thought these would fit the bill. The car is a 65 coupe with a 289, no AC, no PS and the C4 auto. Does any body have experience with the headers? Also should I let the speed shop do the rest of the exhaust or is there a kit like flowmaster thats reasonable? If I go the kit way I need one that has the GT exits. So for being so long winded, just wanted to try and cover everything.

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I've had a set of the Headman headers shortys on my 73 for like 5 years now and have been very satisfied with them. You do have to do a little dentation on them to get the plugs in, but it's nothing like the other headers I had.

I had a speed shop do my exhaust. 2.5 dual all the way back, cost me 300 smackers.
If these are the same headers that Hedman has built forever for these cars, they are fine. 1 5/8" IIRC. Worked well with my 289 + cam + manifold + 4V carb. They are worth getting coated, or simply "blast" them and paint w/ several coats of header paint.
Put the Hedman Elites on my '65 slightly built 289. Easy fit, hang down a little and give it a mean look. Very easy fit. The "Elites" are nickel coated so they won't turn. They run $265. I had a muffler shop run the rest of my exhaust. 2.5" from collectors, h-pipe, turbo mufflers into 2.25" tips turned down. Pretty basic system and it ran $325. That was the cheapest. They also welded in my cutouts. Keep that in mind and you may want to look at the complete sets from Summit and Jegs. I've heard they're a pretty easy install. To answer your question....you'll have no problems fitting those in the car.
None of the prefab systems mentioned so far will exit through the GT valance panel opening without some mods at a muffler shop. Also the tailpipe to fuel tank clearance is minimal when running large exhaust pipe. I was able to squeak 2 1/2" pipes up to the valance and run 3" stainless tailpipes through the holes.


Driver's side tailpipe:


Passenger side tailpipe:

I am all to famillar with the clearance between the gas tank and exhaust. Im in the middle of replacing the rear leafs, shackles etc etc and there is not much room to play with in that area.

Thanks for all the replies. I might have to bite the bullet and get the Elite headers at $265.