67 c4 and block to aode and 302 computer upgrade

I am modifying my 67 because it's not a matching car or anything special and the drive train is on it's last legs. The 289 is deathly tired, out of balance, and the c4 just makes it undrivable due to the shaking and the rear gearing means i'm getting bad mileage and max cruising speed is 65. The plan is to buy a complete running engine and aode from an 80's car and stuff it in while I do fun things to the 298 block and swap the c4 for a built aode and get the suspension/frame updated to accommodate. I figure that's the easiest. It's got a FAST system in it now, so fuel lines and gas tank etc are already set up for fuel injection.

So far I've figured out I need an instrument cluster that supports the computer and a different trans mount, plus headers and exhaust. I don't need any new trans linkage and my shifter should work, I think, but I will need to swap column to console orientation if it's from a tree shifter. I need the backup lights switch which might come with the transmission, but I'll need to wire it with the older tails. I will probably need a new drive shaft. Engine mounts have less than 5000 miles so they should be fine.

1. instrumentation
2. trans mount
3. reverse lights/neutral switch
4. maybe console linkage swap
5. headers/exhaust
6. drive shaft

Am I missing any areas of concern? I've never tried something cross gen like this.
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I’m in the middle of a 302/AOD swap into my 73 Stang. Having the car already setup for a return fuel system will aid in the swap. It appears your intend to use a “long block” from a donor car and install your current fast system on it. I’m not sure, but I suspect the exhaust system will bolt on to the engine. The engine coolant temperature, oil pressure, etc use the same connects on older cars, like yours. My donor vehicle was a 87 TBird, and I was able to connect the existing engine sensors to the 73’s connections for those dash indicators (oil, temp, etc). While I purchased an aftermarket trans mount, there are guys who used the stock mount, just elongated the holes when the mount attaches to the crossmember. My existing driveshaft also fit, I just had to integrate the AOD yoke to the existing driveshaft. The trans has the neutral safety switch and reverse indicator build in, so you’ll have to create a modified wire harness to integrate into your car; I did it, it wasn’t difficult.

One thing you should consider; the AODE uses a computer to control shifting, while the AOD doesn’t (uses a cable). You’ll have to find a location for that, and wire it in. I suspect someone make a controller that is made for the swap space.

Thats all I can think of, good luck. And search the VMF Mustang forum for more and better advice on this swap. Steve
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