Hello from Sweet Home Alabama

Hi everyone, new to the forum.

Just sold my 2021 C8 convertible for a nice profit and decided to replace it with a 2021 Mustang Mach 1 in Fighter Jet Gray to be delivered next week.

Technically, this is my 4th Mustang but first V8.

I learned to drive on a 66 Mustang my parents let me drive in HS until the clutch died. They sold it and then bought a 73 Mustang II for me to drive. Real downgrade there.

I bought a red 94 Mustang V6 when the new body style came out and then traded it in on an Explorer after the wife and I racked up 3 tickets in six months.

I'm looking forward to finding out the good, bad, and ugly of the modern Mustang here.

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Welcome to stangnet
You must mean 74 mustang ll, the 73 mustang was still a mid-size small car just like the 71-2.
Unless I'm wrong, yeah,like once! Just ask around the classic forums, they all know me, :jester:
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Proud of you but next time keep the Corvette and buy the Mustang. You will learn, as I did after selling my matching number 69 Z28. Currently have a 90 Corvette, a 69 Boss 302 G code and a 56 Ford Mainline an 11 E350 Benz 94 E150, 95 F150 Every car has a price only sell the ones you can afford to miss, Welcome to your new pass time. I bought my Boss 302 in 1980 for ~1627.00