Help identifying brakes please


Mar 24, 2018
Like several on here, I bought a modified ‘65 coupe, through a dealer, and no info on PO so can’t contact them. Trying to identify the 5 lug and disc brake conversion and what calipers these are, so eventually I can get the correct brake pads.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I wish I could help. To bad it doesn't have some kind of identifying mark on it. My car has a Stainless Steel Break Systems disk break conversion kit on it that looks similar to that one, but who knows what it is. Once you figure it out it will likely be something common, but in the mean time it's going to be frustrating.
Its a shame people don't leave notes for the next owners when they make modifications like this. Both of my projects have their own three ring binder that will be passed along with the car. Those spindles look like they have a part number or engineering number on them. If you can trace that, that will probably help you narrow your search down. A friend of mine had a similar issue and a good parts guy at Napa was able to identify his stuff as 1976 Maverick.