HELP intake mani leaks


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Nov 2, 2005
Des Moines
I have a 97 crown victoria that just blew the plastic intake manifold apart right by the alternator. I got the aftermarket one and installed it. Then it was really hard to start, and there was air pressurizing the coolant ( exhaust maybe?). I took the mani off and there was coolant in some of the intake ports and inside of the manifold. I cant find where it is leaking at. Im gonna put on new gaskets right now and see if it helps any.

Any ideas anyone? Thanks.
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Did you get a PI or non PI intake???

Which gaskets did you get???

make sure they match the intake if you got a PI intake and use some RTV sealent around the coolant passage openings.

make sure all the old gasket is off the head before the new gasket is put down.

Some aftermarket intakes come with o-ring gaskets in them so make sure your not double gasketing it.
Well the manifold doesnt leak out. There is coolant going inside the manifold from somewhere. And there is oil in the coolant. I can see the oil in the overflow tank. It is also shooting out coolant of the overflow. The car wont start. Im thinking the head gaskets blew.
And this is a 97 Crown Victoria.
Yes it has the little o-rings on it. Doesnt seem to be leaking out of the mani, but maybe from the heads.