Help me choose tires please


Oct 10, 2004
Car's really a summer-only beast, rain when I get caught in it, garaged during winter. Tirerack has some cheap Kumhos (Ecsta AST) and Sumitomos. Not looking to spend over a c-note per tire if I can help it... These are size 245/50/16 btw.

DiscountTireDirect can do $319 for Falken Ziex ZE-512s with free UPS so I think I am leaning towards those. Any opinions?
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I've bought a few sets of tires of the net and I have had the best luck with treadepot I got four kumho ectsa ast's for my station wagon for $168 shipped.....I've had bad luck with tirerack...They sent me 2 left tires instead of a left and right..(Kumho ASX) anyway on treadepot right now four Kumho ecsta ast's will run you about $264 SHIPPED!!! and the kumho ASX's will run you about $388 shipped...I have the ASX's on the front of my stang, no complaints, but the AST's will work just fine for you...:nice: