Help, Please! 2001 Mustang Won't Start, Fast Clicking. I Know The Exact Moment That Caused It.


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Nov 30, 2013
I installed reverse glow gauges a few months ago, I got them from they stopped working a couple weeks ago, I think because it got too cold.(I live in Alaska) but I just left them in. I finally got tired of them and decided to take them out. Now, in order to install these there is a little 12v inverter that you have to connect to the thick gray wire behind the headlight control unit, or headlight switch wiring harness. So 3 months ago when I installed these, I spliced the red (positive) wire coming from the little 12v inverter to the thick gray wire behind the headlight control unit. (the gray wire is the switched positive wire for the headlights) So all that aside, instead of popping the hood, removing the negative battery terminal, getting back in the car and undoing all the wires, I cut the wires coming from the little 12v inverter. I did not cut the gray wire, but I cut the red (positive) wire coming from the 12v inverter, which was still spliced to the the thick gray wire. While the battery was still connected. (I was frustrated and just wanted it out as fast as possible.) My Mustang started fine right before that, after I put the gauge cluster back together and tried starting it, all I got was fast clicking. The radio still works, the headlights still work, (low and hi beams, strong too.) all lights inside work, horn works, gauge cluster lights up, everything seems to be working. It just won't start. I need to get this fixed ASAP because my girlfriend is coming here from Texas in 6 days and I need to pick her up from the airport. I might get it towed to a mechanic on Monday because Ineed it fixed fast.. I just don't want to be over charged at a ford dealership or something. I've heard only bad things about those places, especially the one here. So any help, any help at all will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. This is for true love. What better cause is there than that?
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Nov 11, 2013
Waikoloa, HI
so you get a fast clicking sound when you turn the key, right? but everything electrical works? you're in Alaska and it's winter, and cold. you noticed that. Could be you have a marginal battery and it's just now decided to crap out on you; fast clicking sounds like solenoid bouncing because not enough poop in the battery to do the job. I assume it's not cranking at all, just making noises. Tried jumping? easy way to check. I'm not seeing how cutting the wire, with the headlight switch off, could do squat.