HELP! Reverse Idler in TR3650


New Member
May 1, 2003
Originally I took my trans out to replace a 4th gear synchro assemble due to a grind under hard shifting. I ended up replaceing 1-2 synchro 3-4 synchro, and 3 and 4 sychro rings. When reinstalled the trans had a binding feeling when rolling to a stop in neutral, could hear in the rear of the car. Also had the same binding in reverse when moving right as i pushed the clutch in. Except the noise could be heard in the firewall area. Also had increased shifting effort in all gears. It is NOT a clutch related issue.

I took out the trans a second time, the only thing I could find that was wrong is countershaft endplay is .002" to large out of spec. I also found that the reverse idler has an ample amount of play in it, probably .100" or so.

My questions are. Can anybody think what could be causeing this problem? Also does anybody know how much play is suppose to be in the reverse idler gear? Please help.
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