Help with 05 gt Shaker 1000 aftermarket Install


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Jun 3, 2005
A good friend of mine has an 05 gt. He went through the same course as most, someones gt purchase fell through and he had the option to buy it early instead of waiting two more months. The only option he got which he didnt want was the shaker 1000. Hes not all that happy with it, he wants something louder!! Hes the type where he wants the cars next to him to feel the bass too. Ok i need some help from you guys before I can help him. Im not an expert but I have some experieces in installing, ive done about 10 installs but none with combining aftermarket and factory equipment. The most he wants to do right now is the possibly install a new head unit if he will not be loosing much in the area of speakers in the doors, an amp and a sub. Equipment has already been chosen.

1. What is the exact speaker configuration of the shaker 1000? Size? Location? Number of? Amplifiers? How many and where?

2. Has anyone just added an aftermarket amp and subwoofer to the trunk?? I know it can be done should just need an line output converter, but where should I be stealing the signal from. The output to the subwoofers amplifier? Where is that amplifier! Cheapest solution but havent seen any install info on it anywhere!!!

3. Will the factory wire harness adapter let you use an aftermarket head unit and all of the current speakers in the car?? (assuming subs in doors and rear subs will not work due to number of channels but however I dont know how they are wired due to lack of information)
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you have four 5x7 speakers (2 in the doors and 2 in the rear deck), 2 8" subs in the doors and 2 10" subs in the rear. When going to an aftermarket head unit and just using the plug and play harness you will lose all 4 subs since they are amplified. You can splice in RCA cable ends on to the signal wires going into the factory amplifiers and run RCA's to the headunit in addition to the 8 speaker wires going to the 5x7's if you want the factory subs to still work. The amps for the front subs are in the drivers footwell-there are 2(one for each sub) and I dont know where the amp for the rear subs are since I only have the shaker 500. In my opinion I would replace everything in the car since I think it sound pretty bad even for a factory amplified system. Whatever you do good luck and let us know what happens.
thanks for the relpy, this is acctually for a friends GT. But is good practice for me since I got a Saleen on order. Only thing I have found that others might like to know is there are 2 types of line output converters that can be used. Either one before the amplifier or one after the amplifier. Only problem with after the amplifier is I dont know if the factory amplifier filters the signal to a short range. Even easier option is to just use the signal from the 2 rear speakers and you dont have to take anything apart. Soundgate makes line output converters for both situations. Chris
i think you are talking about hi level and low level inputs. some aftermarket amps allow both inputs but most use only low level (RCA's). you can grab hi level directly from existing speaker wires such as the rear speakers or use the same speaker wires to tie in a low level line output converter. Also if you grab the signal from the rear 5x7's you dont have to worry about it being pre-filtered since they are run right off the radio and are not amplified. hope this helps-every time i dig further into this system I learn a little more and I do this for a living.
yup thats what I meant dont know the specific terms, just started looking into this line output converter stuff for the first time. I was planning on taking it off the back two speakers easiest way in my opinion. Thanks Chris