Help with keyless entry 88 GT


Mar 17, 2021
Trying to put keyless entry into my 88 GT but cannot get the locks to work. I am using the wire diagram for the negative trigger in the attached picture. I have the white hooked up to the pink/yellow and the white/black hooked up to the pink/green as per everything I found online. The yellow, yellow/black, and black wires are all grounded. The controller states that it has the relays onboard. I was wondering if I need more relays on the lock/unlock side or if I got this all wrong. Was thinking of trying the positive trigger setup just to be safe but don't want to mess anything up as the wire harnesses under the dash already look spliced in some places. I know the control box works because the lights will flash and I can hear the clicking when I press the buttons on the key fob. Not even going to try with the trunk right now as the glovebox button doesn't even work at this time.
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SN Certified Technician
Mar 2, 2015
With all the keyless entry stiff I've installed on these cars I always needed two additional relays. The crown Victoria's are wired the same way. Back in the day it was easier to find info on them verses our cars. The Ford locks reverse polarity to lock and unlock. I can't remember.

This may help. The good thing is almost all old ford's locks are wired the same.