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The cobra is a higher quality piece, at a higher price, but the Professional Products intake isn't bad either. The Typhoon usually does need a good cleaning up though, so a little patience with a die grinder will take you a long way, once you get all the casting flash off. Power wise, you'll probably make more with the Typhoon in the long run, since it's a copy of the Edelbrock Performer RPM, but for mild engines, both will run well. Take a look around the boards at some of the combinations that several members are running, and you'll see a plethora of different H/C/I packages, many of which have some impressive numbers, some running each of these two intakes. It all comes down to your pricerange, and your expectations. They're both suited well to certain applications, and mismatched parts won't help you very much at all. Do a little research on them both, and take a look at some flow numbers, you'll be happy in the end. Good luck!