heres some pics of the 68


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Dec 30, 2004
hey guys,
i made a post the other day about the 68 mustang coupe i bought from a friend. well here are the pics, the ones of the rust damage are from just looking with the car on the ground so im sure theres more. but here they are, tell me what you guys think. i still need to give it a good wash to get all the crud off of it and get off all of the pine needles. oh and for the racing stripe the PO just decided one day it needed racing stripes, so he went to wal-mart and got some spray paint:rolleyes:








and here are some pictures of the rot
passenger side front frame rail

note the battery acid has rusted through the inner fender

driver side front frame rail(there is rot where the bumper mounts but i forgot to take a picture of it:bang: ) note the rust around the bolt thats tearing through

rear quarter panel

inside the trunk


well thats all of them for now, cant wait until this time next year when i can start this project
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How much did you pay may I ask?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found your other post.

hope it wasn't too much. IMHO that car isn't worth much more than a parts car. it will cost 10 times what the car is worth to repair the rust issues. as much as i hate to see any pony put out to pasture i think you'd be better off finding something in much better shape to start with, even if it's just a good rust free shell, then you could use the best parts of this car on the shell. i'm not trying to discourage you, really, but once you actually start working on this car you will get very discouraged very quickly. just my opinion.
Good luck with the project . . .

what are the plans? Are they in another thread?

$600 is kind of steep . . . but its a mustang and anyone that has ever seen barrett jackson now thinks their junk is worth something. I bought a mostly rust-free 66 original v-8 falcon for $300 that looks about the same as yours but with worse interior. So maybe it was just that it was a falcon . . . ? :shrug:
well a guy my dad works with wants to buy it for $1000 even after i told him about all the rust, but he has the skill of finding vehicles for sale so ive told him to find me a bronco and pay for $1000 of it and the stang is his, so i guess it was a good $600 investment...oh and if anyone in VA or close to Va have a later model full size bronco for sale in good condition im interested...
ive never been to VIR so im not sure how far it is, ive been invited a couple times but never got to go but i think i was told its about 45 min to an hour away.

also chepsk8 i see you live in PA ill be moving up to blairsville PA in march to attend school