HEY,where's my GT-40

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Penguin said:
I'll be reading over there for awhile now.

Is it wrong that I still have over 280 pictures of cars from that game?

You've obviously failed the 12 step program:D , I can teach you the 12 steps to turning those 280 pictures into 4 or 5 classics in the driveway:D
I wish.... :D

I do have a '66(200ci i6) and '01(GT) Mustang though.

My dad has::
'68 Barracuda vert w/slant6
'68 Chevy Custom10 shortbed pickup w/350
'66 Mustang w/289

Older brother has::
'68 Mustang GT390 fastback
'67 Tempest w/350
'67 Coronet 383 R/T clone
'68 El Camino SS 396
'00 Trans Am
'02 Trans Am WS-6
Want a GT 40???

The Ronald McDonald House in Madera Ca. (Valley Children's Hospital) is selling raffle tickets for a drawing in September. The goal is to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.

The prize is an ORIGINAL GT 40.

Last years prize was a 68 GT500KR Vert and the year before was a 67 Vette Vert Rat!!

Tickets are cheap. Interested????:shrug: