High Idle


Apr 5, 2005
Ok ive been playing with a high idle for a while now.
Ive read countless threads, but cant find anything that seems to help my problem
I cleaned the iac/tb recently, which actually made it idle higher =/
The idle screw is barely touching the linkage, so the blade is closed
I clocked the maf, changed the plugs/wires/cap/rotor, ran seafoam through it
Ive checked the entire car for vaccum leaks, cant find any, also it pulls 19hg at idle
However, when sitting in the car, and slightly revving the engine, maybe 1000 to 1500, i can hear a whistle, and the whistle changes with the rpms.
I cant hear the noise from outside the car or under the hood. The heater controls work fine, so im not sure what else could be leaking/causing that noise, if it even is releated to the idle :shrug:
Also, ive pulled the codes, and i get nothing, so im kinda at a loss at this point...
Any help is appreciated :SNSign:
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ive tried disconnecting the iac, and when the motor is warm, the idle doesnt change

The throttle body does have a hole in it, and when i blocked it off, and reset the idle that way, the lowest i could ever get was 1000, or it would just die after starting it