Homemade dumps.... sorta


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Feb 5, 2004
Killeen, Texas
I'm thinking about getting my exhaust dumped after the mufflers. However, I don't want to pay a muffler shop to do this. Can I just get a cutting wheel and cut the pipes off right after the mufflers, then cut the hangers and pull them out, or is it a lot more involved than that?
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If you aren't welding them make sure that you leave enough pipe on the back of the muffler for the turn downs to slip onto. Any autoparts store should have them, just ask for the obvious..."turn downs". Also make sure you know what size the pipe is that comes out of your muffler. You'll want to get turndowns with an inner diameter the same as the outter diameter as the pipes exiting your mufflers. Also get two clamps otherwise you'll need to weld em on.
well i work part time at auto zone, we sell some 2 1/4 inch I.D. turn downs so you could cut your stock piipes after the muffler, and wel sell the clamps to just clamp them on you could get everythign for like 10$ If you had aftermarket stuff, just get the 2.5" I.D. stuff.


if you drive the car every day i wouldn't do it if you have an h-pipe, if you have an x or something that is another story
1105 said:
Instead of buying that bent up **** from autozone, get some U bends from Jegs, cut them in half and bolt/weld them right to your mufflers... It'll look better, be better for airflow and probably even be cheaper. 2.5" U bend is $17, 2.25" J bend is $14

idk man, a crimp bent turn down is not gonna effect airflow at all....if he was making full tailpipes sure i would go higher quality, but its just some dumps here...

but I know they are there and what they look like :D :p Its kinda like the underside of my intake isnt polished and look ugly (but you cant see it) but it still makes me mad

If I knew someone ordering from jegs/summit I'd have them throw in a U bend and give them the money so I wouldnt have to pay for handling. I'll probably be the same price as the stuff you get at autozone so why not get something better... not like it really matters that much. The ones from autozone just looked really weak to me.

On a side note... I agree with everyone who said you'll get sick of it after awhile.. I drove around for a few weeks with my tailpipes off, it was loud thats just about all... Had no tone to it... just a drone.