Hood problems


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Apr 4, 2010
I wrecked my 1990 5.0 by hitting a stupid deer and I can not find the hood that is own my car anywhere. It was on here when i bought it and the guy I bought the car from found it on craigslist. There is no manufacture on it and it is fiberglass anyone know where i can get another?


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sorry to hear about the deer incident...

but on the bright side i promise there are better looking hoods out there...


try Cervini's if you don't mind shelling out a lil extra money for excellent quality and fit.
I've seen it. I think ABC exclusive sells it. It's a stock style hood with 96-98 cobra scoops up front.

Personally, i'd rather get a cervinis 1.5" cowl over that
Welcome to Stangnet. I dont know that you are ever going to find a replacement hood like that one. Dont take the above comments too hard. You like what you like and fox guys are tough crowd. That being said....That deer sacrificed him/herself to save your car. Look thru the posts and the garages and find a hood that you like as I said I dont think you'll find that one anywhere.