How bout this?

Okay, here's my plan.

In an effort to hook up more power to the ground out of the hole, I'm going to go with the MM SFC (full length and weld on), and the MM LCA for the rear. I've done some searching, and it seems that if I don't want to lose cornering ability in my car, than I better leave the UCA alone. Here's my first question:

I know for a fact that the bushings in my control arms up front are completely destroyed. If I'm ONLY worried about hooking up off the line, CAN i go ahead and replace the stock parts up front with NEW stock parts, or do i have to worry about upgrading these control arms as well?

Second of all, after searching of course, I decided to replace my old shocks with Tokico shocks. I'm working on a limited budget, so I'm not going to purchase any springs and lower my ride. So, my second question is this:

Based on what I've listed (Tokico shocks, MM SFC, MM LCA), is this a GOOD combination that will result in less fish tailing and more horsepower being transferred to the ground?
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Sep 24, 2006
Honestly any suspension modification is better then whats stock. Sub frames make a big difference i welded some on a friends fox and put some bbk upper & lower control arms on. We also welded in some torque box plates we got from summit or jegs for like $25.00 good idea if you plan to launch harder and good peice of mind.
Sounds good, but what I want to know, is whether or not I need to replace my broken front suspension with aftermarket parts?

Or can I get away with simply replacing the front suspension with new stock parts.

Will it make a positive or negative difference in handling regarding the parts I install up front I guess is what I'm asking?