How can you tell if it's a REAL COBRA?


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Sep 25, 2009
i'm looking at a 1993 COBRA that's for sale and I want to make sure it's a REAL COBRA. Any tips on how to make sure it's real? I just want to make sure. One thing i noticed on my title for my 1990 GT is that it actually says COBRA on it even though I know it's NOT a COBRA. I have no idea why b/c they never made a COBRAs in 1990. So I don't even trust what the title says.

Please let me know if you have any advice just so I don't get ripped off.


1990 GT
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Like stated above it should have a D in the 8th digit for the motor code. It should read: 1FACP42D.. The Canadian mustang where sold has "cobras" in name only, they where stock GT's. yours might have been a used one but I have heard about this with titles before but it means nothing unless it has the vin # of real '93 cobra.
awesome! you guys are great! the vin has the D and the guy also said he had an official certificate so this looks pretty good to me. really appreciate all the help!!!

1990 GT