how do i bleed the brakes

my brake calipers were stuck sticking out so i used a c-clamp and pushed them bake in but the problem is the rubber around the piston started leaking brake fluid now i just want to bleed the brakes and take the calipers off and have a shop look at them but how do i go about doing this ? i heard you have to do it through the master cylinder but i dont know where that is anyone wanna help?
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You probably broke a seal in the caliper. Don't bleed them until you get the caliper fixed. Fluid around the piston is never a good thing. Once you get the caliper replaced you can then bleed the brakes. Make sure you have someone to help you as this makes the job a whole lot easier. You can buy a 1 man bleeder kit from an any auto parts store for less than $20 if you wish, but I always found the 2 man method to work best.

#1: Make sure you have plenty of Brake fluid on hand.
#2: Do 1 wheel at a time starting at the wheel furthest from the master cylinder. In this case, RR wheel first,than LR, than RF and finally, LF.
#3: Remove Master Cylinder cap and place it loosly on top of Master.
#4: Jack up 1 wheel and find the bleeder screw. Have your friend slowly and I mean SLOWLY pump the brake pedal about 3-4 times. Have him hold the pedal to the floor and crack open the bleeder screw just enough to hear air. PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET THE FLUID ON YOUR CAR! it will eat the paint. Close the screw after about 2-3 seconds and have him pump the pedal 3-4 more times. Do this again on the first wheel. Once you are done with that one, check to make sure your fluid is still full in the Master Cylinder. Always check it because if it becomes empty, all you are doing is pumping air through your brake system.
Now, just repeat the above proceedure for each wheel and you are done.

Key points to remember.
Have your friend pump the pedal slowly you don't want him blowing Brake fluid all over the inside of your engine compartment.
Keep the M/C full of fluid
Only open the bleeder screw enough to let out the air
ya the main problem right now is the caliper i have the pistons back down but the rubber around it is not set right thats why it leaked brake fluid so im trying to figure out what to do for this situation im hopping i can just fix it my self other wise i wanted to remove the calipers and have a shop look at them

another thing where is the master cylinder?
while you are at the auto part store buy a haynes/chilton you will use it a thousand times, it will tell you where the master cylinder is. Sounds like a bad caliper b/c when i changed my brake pads nothing was leaking, if you replace the caliper(or remove it at all) you will have to bleed them, the chilton manual will tell you how to do this