Howdy from Houston, Tx!!!

Howdy!!! I just got my first mustang over easter and ive been looking for a good board to read. My name is Jay, I live in Pasadena, Tx:notnice: Im a plant operator at a waste water plant.:p

Anyways, I have a '90 5.0 5speed...So far I love it to death, Just a few minor problems ive had such as freeze plugs, Belt, Radiator, and tranny grinding:nonono: BUT ive got most of this crap done allready except the tranny.
My car did come with a new block, GT40 heads, BBk L/T headers, Cobra intake roller rockers, ECT.

My first love is my Toyota Tacoma:drool: I have a small lift, 2" M/T tires it's a 2.7L 4cly...But boy dose she wheel.

Im excited to be here, See ya'll around



old wheels,


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