Hypereutectic pistons

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I guess when I look at these pistons and they sell for $15 each that seems kind of cheap. They are the SpeedPro brand that comes with the rebuild kit Summit sells....
If you're rebuilding or in a position to choose, it would be a big mistake NOT to use forged pistons. Why settle for hypers? Never know what your plans may be in the future, don't want to have to do it twice. Just my .02
That's true. Well SpeedPro is a good brand but I dunno $15 does sound cheap! Just was looking for a little feed back or anyone with experience with hypers. I might as well go forged I guess.
everyone hates on the hyper pistons but the truth is they are fantastic for N/A cars. They have tighter tolerances so they will never rattle on start up, they are lighter and stronger than cast( the beloved shelbys of the 60's ran cast pistons and they never failed did they???) There seems to be some internet taboo against Hyper pistons, but seriously, how many do you see fail???
ive got no issue with hypers, seen plenty of guys run nitrous with them without problems as well, just saying that if i was in a position to buy new pistons, id rather just go forged and not have any issues down the road changing to forced induction.
The hypers would last longer then a stock block if you ever did put boost to it. If ring gaps are right and it dosent detonate the could survive with boost too.

Id say go for it if your not planning on making over 500hp
My goal is to end up around the 300-340hp range when its all said and done. I'm just trying to make it a nice street car. When I was looking at that rebuild kit I just couldn't believe those pistons were only $15 each. I may go this route but order a better set of hypers and just a regular rebuild kit.. Ordered my Steeda #18 cam today too. That thing sounds nice!
Speed pro pistons are good. I have only ran them in a chevy, but I loved them. Used them in the 1st engine I ever rebuilt. I had a 350 4 bolt out of a 75 chevy truck, and threw some ported fuelie camel hump heads on it. Had it in my 82 firebird and it ran like a beast!

For your plans, they are more that enough!:nice:
The $15 dollar speed pros are what they are, excellent stock dish type replacements. Nothing "cheap" about paying $120 for a set of pistons. I'd go for the flat tops they are around $30 each or $240 a set, which again is not cheap in the sense of the word. You are just paying for the different shape of the top, not that the metal is different on them or anything. FWIW, Im going with Speed Pro hypers in my N/A setup even though I could spend more on the Trick Flows that are cut for my heads I'd rather have the tighter tolerances of the hypers, cost aside. The stock hypers in my snake have had no problems with boost. I'm all for spending the money where it's needed but in you case what is needed happens to be cheaper.