I hate Illinois weather


I shower with poo
Nov 13, 2006
Crest Hill, Illinois
Just ranting here but I hate this weather, I spent a good 8 hours cleaning up my stang this weekend for the next nice day that comes around, 8 hours of my time. and when I got in my winter beater ( a 1988 delta 88 royale a.k.a. "the blu demun") this morning I felt good knowing that I wouldnt have to drive my stang on these salt-infested, pothole haven, mud tracked roads. I get 2 blocks away from my house only to have the P.O.S. BREAK DOWN!:damnit: the mass-air sensor has been acting up and i havent had a chance to fix it yet, so I had to drive my stang to work! :notnice: and then it starts snowing!:notnice: :notnice: screw this! im movin south! I could live with never seeing snow again.

:uzi: mothernature.
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ouch, now that blows. now that i think about it, atleast i dont live in Colorado. they got pounded a few weeks ago! I still dont care tho, im movin south. and another positive note, theres some kid with an evo MR that drives by my work, it mustve been his first snow experience cuz he took that thing off the road!:nice: Its sitting on the corner by my work, with no front bumper!:rlaugh: :owned:
illinois weather does suck. Its 31 here right now and i had to stand outside for about an hour waiting for a cop to fill out a police report because some lady in a new charger decided to back into my truck. caused id say about 1k of damage to her and ruined my bumper.
yea i pretty much live as far south as you can get in texas and instead of snowing it rains, and rains....and rains so dont feel too bad i dont even bother washing my car during the winter
At least the sun shines were you live. When it is not raining here (250 outta 365), it is overcast. I think we went one good month of sunshine. Summer is nice though; sun is coming up at 4:30am, and sun is finally down 9:45 sometimes 10:00pm. Winter sucks. No sun. I need vitamin D. I am so white I blend in with the snow. They don't plow or salt the roads here either. You have to drive on sheets of ice. It is slick as hell. The Mustang can't even make it outta my driveway. I have only driven it twice in the few months I have owned it. Sometimes they throw gravel on the road, and plow the top of it. My daily driver as so many rock chips....