I Hate Nyc Cab Drivers!!


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Apr 18, 2005
I Hate Nyc Cab Drivers!! (CRASH)

so thursday night, i am driving to this car chilling thing in yonkers, going across the triborough bridge, and some stupid yellow cab merges right into my car. his passanger rear door broke my mirror off. He is like my friend you don't see my blinker my friend. I had 1 blinker on. And i am like how the #$%^ am i gonna see your blinker when your next to me and crashing into me. Then i got right in his face, and flipped, almost kicked his window in. He got in his cab with the quickness, and rolled the windows up, till the cops came to talk to him. My friend pulled me back, since the cops were pulling up. The cops agreed, 100% his fault, no fault on my part. This i on the police report. I am having it done on monday, and i am not accepting it unless a new door, and new fender has been installed, and all the vin stickers, if there are any, have been switched to the new door/fender. Also, the rim now has yellow on the outside of the lip, so i want a new rim also. And the car only has 1400 miles on it!






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that suck i hope they change everthing thats damaged even so it still sucks to be in your position, i mean it really sucks to have a new car or anycar in crash u have to wait till it get fixed etc... its messed up, sorry to hear that.
VIN STICKERS WILL NOT BE PUT ON NEW PARTS. it is a violation of federal law. you must leave the RDOT stickers on the new parts. they must be masked off for paint and not altered in any way. if the body shop removes your old stickers (assuming that they could even get them off in one piece, they are made to tear apart) and puts them on the new parts, they can go to JAIL. no good bodyshop will do this for you. i would be pissed to about the taxi. i think i would have thrown him off the bridge!! :mad:
Wow, some sophomore with his first week w/his license backed into my hood and dented my stang and i thought that was bad....That just sucks man, i'm sorry. Especially that it was a cabbie too.... I probably would've killed him, or sat down in the middle of the road and cried.
Even though it's not my car I feel your pain. I moved to NYC b/c my wife lives here. Talk about being pissed off every time I get into my car. I think NYC is the worst place to live if you have a nice car. First it's too expensive (gas, insurance, tax, etc). Second it seem all the rejects from different countries where dumped here. No one here speaks english and they can't drive worth a $hit! I've never had an accident while stationed in NC and living in SC. My wife's Acura has been hit 5 times within 3 months span!!! Unless your super rich NYC is the pitts!!! I want to buy a paint ball gun and shoot people who cut me off or just do stupid things on the street so I can feel a little better. A real gun maybe a bit to harsh.....maybe not. Make sure you get all the suspension parts checked and see if you need an alignment. My wife's car doesn't handle the way it used to after the above mentioned accidnets. The only thing decent in NY is Long Island. My insurance went down and less stupid people!!!
Dude that sucks... Yeah NYC is rough on cars... Them cabbies suck... I used have fun racing on the FDR drive dodging cabs...

I probably would f'ed the guy up!! But i got a temper when it comes to stuff like that...

Hope you get it all fixed!!
I know how you feel. A drunk driver tore up my previous Mustang. All I wanted to do was beat him sober within a inch of his life. After it was repaired it just wasn't the same so I sold it. I hope your body shop is better than mine was.
I think youse are being a little harsh on the big apple. I lived in manhattan for 8 years and never had a single accident. Oh yeah-I sold my car before I moved there-no car for 8 years, and I didn't even miss it, mainly because I know how much anxiety it causes to own a car in the city.

I am sorry about your baby though-one more reason to hate NYC cabdrivers.
so the car is at the body shop, getting a new door, with shell, new fender, and new rim. they are checking the suspension for damage. i am getting my HIDs and ducktail installed while the car is in, and am not going to have to pay for it. the guy showed me a ford GT he had just finished, it had been in a bad accident, and i couldnt tell it was done, even when looking at it in the sunlight. i was promised i will not be able to tell the car has ever had bodywork. i would have killed that cab driver if my boy didnt calm me down. i am from manhattan, and have always lived here. the only car that i have owned here and hasnt gotten any damage, was my gmc yukon, but then there are other problems with owning a full size suv. so anyways i should have the car within a week, hopefully it comes out right, otherwise ebay and a new one.